Stillwaters FC wins the DNA Network Pre-Season Tournament 2016

The week begun with DNA Network on top of the table with 4 points and +7 Goal Difference (GD) from two games, Stillwaters FC were second on the table with 4 points and +2 GD from two games, Kingsland Church FC were third on the table with 2 points and 0 GD from two games, and St Lukes C/E were at the bottom of the table with 0 points and -9 GD from two games.

The final game of the pre-season tournament was between Stillwaters FC vs DNA Networks, and Kingsland Church FC vs St Lukes C/E. A win or draw for DNA Networks would have put them in a good position to win the tournament, considering their massive goal difference. There was more concentration on the Stillwaters FC vs DNA Networks match, as it was more or less the tournament winner decider match. As the match kicked off between Stillwaters FC vs DNA Networks, within 2 minutes Stillwaters FC goalkeeper cleared a ball against his own player, but unfortunately the ball ended up in his own net. That was the first shot on goal of the match. It was 1 goal up for DNA Networks. At the first half went, DNA Networks kept pressurising, but it was the Stillwaters FC defence that came on top. Both teams kept on counter attacking, but it was Stillwaters Fc who took advantage of this as Louben set up a low pass from the far left to Biola on the centre pitch. Biola made no mistake in controlling the ball, beating a defender and firing a powerful shot into the DNA Networks goal. The score became 1 – 1.

Few minutes before the half time, DNA Networks took the lead again from a free kick which wasn’t well defended by Stillwaters FC. Few minutes later the referee blew his whistle for half time.

Stillwaters FC made four changes at half time giving more players some game time. 10 minutes into the second half extended their lead with a controversial goal, as the linesman raised his flag for an offside, but the offline was over-ruled by the referee. DNA Networks leads 3 -1.

As time kept ticking, Stillwaters FC kept mounting pressure on DNA Networks defence, but with no change to the score line. With 20 minutes to the end of the match, and with both sides seeking a decisive goal in a frenetic finish, it was Stillwaters FC who had the edge as the attacking prowess of Biola and Louben who have both scored 6 goals amongst them paid off.

Biola showcased his rare skills by skedaddling past two defenders before tucking the ball into the net from close range. As the match progressed, Stillwaters FC kept mounting pressing really hard, and this paid off as they scored two more fantastic goals within 5 minutes, and only 6 minutes from the final whistle. Stillwaters FC had a clear chance to score a fifth goal in an empty post, but this was strangely missed. DNA Networks capitalised on the lost chance and kept mounting pressure for an equaliser, but the indomitable defence of Stillwaters FC were up to the task. Finally, the referee blew the final whistle! With the Stillwaters FC winning the decider match 4 – 3, they finished the tournament with 7 points and won the tournament. Having scored all the four goals of the match, Biola increased his tally to 6 goals, and consequently won the Golden Boot trophy of the tournament.

I believe Stillwaters FC have sent the right messages to the other teams in the league. looking forward to the coming season.